back to mother nature

Natur’Choko was an idea that my mother Odile had a couple of years ago and today, yesterday’s idea is becoming a reality for us, for you!

Sharing Is Key Now, With Excellent And Natural Products, With (Hopefully!) Brilliant Information and A Blog About Our Own Weird Or Not So Experiences, We will Share With You First Hand The Benefits Of Using What’s On This Beautiful Planet, Unaltered! THRILLING TIMES! 😀

Both of us having a wide variety of health issues (psoriasis, excema, thyroid problems, wild menopause, allergies…), we’ve gradually incorporated natural routines in our lifes (thanks to kind human beings through that amazing WEB 2.0) and we can most certainly say that our quality of life has been radically improved! Excellent! Or Should We Say Elementary Dear Friends?!

As far as we are concerned we do not advocate a radical and sudden change as some pathologies are better off treated with normal medication and without proper evidence of the contrary let’s not to play with fire! 

Even if it hurts me to say this,  modern medicine has got quite a few extraordinary remedies…(not that I agree with all of it) . We’ll Share Quite A Few Facts That we’ve Learned On This Matter As The Blog Expands And Thouroughly Explain Our Point Of View!