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Aleppo soap Known Since Antiquity

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Originally From The City Of Aleppo In Syria, This Soap Has Been Known Since Antiquity. Its Manufacturing Process Has Not Changed At All Since!

Simple composition: vegetable Olive oils, bay laurel, vegetable soda and water.

No synthetic products or animal fats are used.

The traditional Aleppo soap comes in the form of a beige, brown or greenish bar depending on the composition. It must have the manufacturer’s registration and its quality inlaid (to avoid some soaps that use the name of Aleppo while manufacturing their soaps industrially with often palm oil and synthetic products…far from Aleppo soap and its virtues!)

Aleppo soap is a mild soap, softening And Nourishing. particularly recommended for dry skin, sensitive and atopic (eczema, psoriasis, allergies …).
In short, the ideal soap for ages 7 to 107!
It is a bit expensive however, thanks to its hardness, a 200-gram bar can last several months! Economical!

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